And a Big Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

For the past 20 years, I have been photographing weddings throughout Ontario. Weddings in churches and synagogues, outside on beaches, in sunken gardens, on farms, in barns and even in the woods! Some memorable weddings were held while ferrying around Muskoka on the Segwun Steamboat or at the top of Blue Mountain overlooking the autumn leaves.

Each wedding is as unique as you! 

Venues play an important role in creating beautiful photographs. Some have unlimited portrait locations like the Brickworks or the Distillery District. The hundreds of clubs we have in Toronto offer beautiful backgrounds, like The RCYC and its breath-taking view of Toronto or the spectacular Granite Club grounds. 

One client was a professional event planner and created an outside venue on her farm. Once the ceremony was complete, the sides of the large tent rolled up to surprise her husband who had requested a pirate themed wedding! The bride had vehemently rejected the idea during the planning stages, but gave her groom an incredible wedding gift! ARRRRR!! I loved photographing this wedding! 

With my decades of experience, I can walk into any venue with challenging lighting issues and still deliver heart-stirring images.

I have come across and mastered all lighting situations.

My second shooter and myself always dress appropriately for the event. 

We blend well into the crowd and seem like guests, so no need to worry about a pompous photographer (as we’ve all cringed at those photographers before!). 

The spotlight will be on you!

And clients have often thanked me for my unobtrusive photographing style

I love using my long telephoto lens to photograph your guests and you from a distance. You won’t even know I am capturing those cherished moments! 

It would be my honour to tell your wedding story through my lens!

Wedding Photography rates begin at $5,000.00.

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